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Prenatal Education


Though prenatal care is not a new concept, many parents are still somewhat unaware of the notion of prenatal sound enrichment. Expectant mothers have become quite confident that the environment of their wombs will have a lasting impact upon their children. And rightly so. They take special prenatal vitamins, improve their diet, avoid alcohol consumption, and engage in modified exercise to provide the ideal early conditions for their babies during this time. Many parents already speak, read, and sing to their developing child. The BabyPlus curriculum is simply a more effective expansion of that intuitive practice.


The BabyPlus player safely limits all sound volume at a consistent, controlled and safe level. The sound lessons are just loud enough to be heard within the womb, but with total safety in mind.


Music is definitely an enjoyable enrichment for adults, but its structure is too complex when compared to the simple, consistent sounds of a baby’s prenatal environment. Our curriculum uses natural sounds designed to resemble the mother’s heartbeat, a simple and universal language that is familiar to any child in the womb. The simplicity and familiarity of our sounds incorporate the earliest developmental concepts of comparing, contrasting, and sequential learning.


Most modern parents are beyond busy these days. However, almost any expectant mom can find one hour a day to play Baby Plus. The simple and clear lesson schedule makes it easy to use. Just select a lesson, adjust the belt, and press play. You can walk, move around, work on the computer, drive, or put your feet up (our favorite suggestion!) while playing your lessons. The player automatically turns itself off when the lesson is over.

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